Recovery Tool Options

The Full Disk Encryption Recovery Tool opens a Linux operating system with the following options available:




Select this option to open the main utility of the Recovery Tool. This utility scans and attempts to repair the device. After scanning, additional functions become available for accessing the Full Disk Encryption preboot and viewing encrypted files on the disk.


The Recovery Tool may require additional information from PolicyServer to completely repair the device. After initial scanning, the Recovery Tool may request that you authenticate with PolicyServer. Ensure that connection to the network is available before using the Recovery Tool. The Recovery Tool supports wired Ethernet connections.


Select this option to open the Zoom video conferencing service. Trend Micro Support may ask you to use this service to share your display so that Support can better help you perform necessary tasks with the Recovery Tool.


Using Zoom requires access to the Internet.

Language Input

The Recovery Tool supports several language inputs. Go to Start > Language Input and select the language of your keyboard.

Shut Down / Restart

To shut down or restart the endpoint, go to Start > Shut Down and select either Shut Down or Restart.