Setting Up Self Help

Self Help authentication allows Endpoint Encryption users who have forgotten the credentials to answer security questions and log on to Endpoint Encryption devices without getting Technical Support assistance. Self Help requires the Endpoint Encryption user to respond with answers to predefined personal challenge questions. Self Help can replace fixed password or other authentication methods.

Consider the following when choosing your authentication method or when configuring Self Help:

  • Self Help is not available for Administrator and Authenticator accounts.

  • Self Help is not available for accounts that use domain authentication. PolicyServer is unable to change or retrieve previous domain passwords.

  • Self Help has a maximum of six questions for each user account. Users may be unable to log on using Self Help if more than six questions are configured.

  • Self Help is only configurable with PolicyServer MMC.

Setting Up Self Help

If the Self Help policy is enabled, the user is prompted to define answers for the Self Help questions after his/her first login. If the user changes their password, they must define Self Help question answers again.

Note: Self Help answers are stored on the device. If a user logs on another Full Disk Encryption device, the user must define Self Help answers for that device.
  1. Provide the user name and password.
  2. Click Login. The Self Help window appears.
  3. Define answers for all of the Self Help questions.
  4. Click Next.

    The device boots into Windows.

Using Self Help

  1. From the top-left menu of Full Disk Encryption Preboot, go to Menu > Authentication > Self Help. The Self Help window appears.
  2. Answer all of the Self Help questions.
  3. Click Login.
  4. Define a new password, and then click Next.

    The device boots into Windows.

Changing Self Help Answers

  1. From the Full Disk Encryption preboot, provide the credentials, select Change Password After Login, then click Login. The Change Password window appears.
  2. Provide and confirm the new password, then click Next. The Self Help window appears.
  3. Define new answers for all Self Help questions, then click Next. The Endpoint Encryption device boots into Windows.