Upgrading Endpoint Application Control Plug-in Program

  1. Open the OfficeScan web console and click Plug-ins in the main menu.
  2. On the Plug-in Manager screen, go to the plug-in program section and click Download.

    The size of the upgrade package displays beside the Download button.

  3. Monitor the download progress.

    Navigating away from the screen during the download does not affect the upgrade.


    If OfficeScan encounters problems downloading or installing the package, check the server update logs on the OfficeScan web console. On the main menu, click Logs > Server Update.

  4. After Plug-in Manager downloads the package, a new screen displays.

After the upgrade, the Plug-in Manager service may need to restart, causing the Plug-in Manager screen to be temporarily unavailable. When the screen becomes available, the current plug-in program version displays.