Performing an Advanced Search

Search for specific agents by specifying advanced search criteria.

  1. Open the plug-in program console. On the Agent Management screen, click the Advanced search link.

    The Advanced Search screen appears.

  2. Search for agents by specifying the available criteria.
    Option Description
    IPv4 range

    Searching by IPv4 address range requires a portion of an IP address starting with the first octet. The search returns all endpoints with IP addresses containing that entry. For example, typing 10.5 returns all endpoints in the IP address range to

    Single IPv4/IPv6 Search by a single IPv4 or IPv6 address.
    IPv6 prefix

    Searching by IPv6 address range requires a prefix and length.

    Host name

    Search by host name.

    Plan name

    Search for agents that already employ an existing power plan.

    Connection status

    Search by agent connection status.

    Installation status

    Search by agent installation status.

    Endpoint type

    Search by server, desktop, or laptop

  3. Click Search.

    The search results display on the Agent Management screen.