Query Logs Screen

Go to Logs > Query to do the following tasks:

Table 1. Query Logs Tasks



Select a log type to query.

Under Log type to query, select a log type.

See About Logs and Log Types.

Select a period.

Under Period, select a time range. (default: Last 30 days)

Display a histogram.

Under Histogram, select a histogram. The histograms displayed correspond to the log type selected.

See About Log Types and Histograms.

Hide the histogram.

Under Histogram, select None.

Export selected rows.

Do the following:

  1. To include columns that are not currently displayed, click Export As and then select Include hidden columns.

    See Configuring Columns.

  2. Click Export As and then select one of the following export formats:

    • Select CSV to export as a comma-separated values file.

    • Select XLSX to export as a Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet.

Table 2. General Tasks



Limit displayed results.

Use dynamic search.

Figure 1. Dynamic Search

See Using Dynamic Search.

Configure list columns.

Click the Column Settings button.

Figure 2. The Column Settings Button

To learn about configuring columns, see Configuring Columns.

To learn about the default and available columns for this screen, see About Log Query Columns.