Rules Screen

To learn about what rules do, see About Rule Priority.

Go to Management > Rules to do the following tasks:

Table 1. Rule Tasks



Add rule.

Click Add Rule, and then select one of the following:

See About Rule Priority and Add or Edit Rule Screen.

Duplicate rule.

Select a rule in the list, click Add Rule, select Duplicate selected, and then select one of the following:

  • Duplicate exactly

  • Duplicate as Allow

  • Duplicate as Block

  • Duplicate as Lockdown

See Add or Edit Rule Screen.

Edit rule.

Under Rule Name, click the name of a rule to start editing.

See Add or Edit Rule Screen.

Export selected rules.

Select the rule or rules in the list and then click Export.

Endpoint Application Control exports a compressed file. To import the file later, ensure that the file remains compressed.

Import rules.

Do the following to import rules exported from Endpoint Application Control:

  1. Click Add Rule and then select Import.

  2. Select files to import and then click Import.


    Endpoint Application Control only imports the compressed file format exported by the export task.

  3. Under Select Action, select one of the following for each rule that you want to import:

    • Select Import to import new rules.

    • Select Replace existing to replace rules that have the same IDs as existing rules for each match.

  4. Click Import Selected.

    Endpoint Application Control imports the compressed file.

Delete selected rules.

Select the rule or rules in the list, click Delete Selected, and then click Delete Selected again.

Table 2. General Tasks



Limit displayed results.

Use dynamic search.

Figure 1. Dynamic Search

See Using Dynamic Search.

Configure list columns.

Click the Column Settings button.

Figure 2. The Column Settings Button

To learn about configuring columns, see Configuring Columns.

To learn about the default and available columns for this screen, see About Rules Columns.