Proxy Server Screen

On this screen, configure Endpoint Application Control to communicate with your proxy server, if any.

Figure 1. The Proxy Server Screen


Setup applies the settings on this screen only if there is no existing installation. If you upgrade or reinstall over an existing installation, Setup uses the settings from that installation. In such cases, use the web console to configure settings.

If you install Endpoint Application Control server on a pure IPv6 endpoint, your network must allow the Endpoint Application Control server to communicate with IPv4 addresses on the Internet to connect to Trend Micro services such as ActiveUpdate, Online Registration, and the Certified Safe Software Service. Use a dual-stack proxy server to convert between IPv6 and IPv4 addresses. Position the proxy server between the Endpoint Application Control server endpoint and the Internet.

To learn about installing Endpoint Application Control server on a pure IPv6 endpoint, see IPv6 Considerations.

The Endpoint Application Control server downloads updates and licensing information from the Internet. If a proxy server handles Internet traffic on your network, configure proxy settings. You can skip configuring proxy settings during Setup. To configure proxy settings later, go to Administration > Proxy Settings on the Endpoint Application Control web console. See Proxy Settings Screen.