About Policies

About Policy Content

A policy consists of the following items:

  • Policy name

  • User and endpoint matching criteria

  • Rules

    To learn more about how Endpoint Application Control customizes rules for deployment, see About Policy Deployment.

The policy list on the Policy screen displays information and status for policies that Endpoint Application Control applies to matched users and endpoints.

See Policies Screen.

About Policy Relationships

Policies, rules, users, and endpoints have the following relationships:

  • One policy can apply more than one rule.

  • One rule can be applied by more than one policy.


    Different policies can share one or more rules. Changes to a shared rule apply to all corresponding policies.

  • One policy can apply to more than one user or endpoint.

  • One user can apply only one policy.

  • One endpoint can apply only one policy.

  • Rules and policies are evaluated in a specific order.

    See About Rule Priority.