Installing Agents Using Windows

  1. Download the agent installer. See Downloading Agent Setup EXE.
  2. To start the installation wizard using Windows, open Endpoint Application Control Setup with Windows administrator privileges.

    For example, do one of the following:

    • Log on Windows using an administrator account and then double-click the Setup EXE file.

    • Right-click the Setup EXE file and then select Run as administrator.

  3. Type the Endpoint Application Control server address and port.

    The format is http(s)://<server_address>:<port>/tmeac.

    For example, you might type one of the following:

    • https://tmeac1@example.local:4343/tmeac


  4. Click Install.

    After installation, the Endpoint Application Control system tray icon appears on the endpoint.

    Figure 1. The System Tray Icon