Installing Agents Using the OfficeScan Plug-In

This task requires you to have already installed the following:

  • Trend Micro OfficeScan 11 or later and OfficeScan Plug-in Manager 2.1 or later

  • The Endpoint Application Control OfficeScan plug-in

    To learn about installing the Endpoint Application Control OfficeScan plug-in, see the OfficeScan Plug-in Online Help at


To uninstall agents deployed using the OfficeScan plug-in, make sure to do so only from the OfficeScan Plug-in console. If any other method is used, the OfficeScan console will not be updated and will continue to display the uninstalled agents as "installed".

  1. On the OfficeScan console, go to Plug-ins and click Manage Program from the Trend Micro Endpoint Application Control Agent Deployment Tool section.
  2. On the Server Settings screen, configure or confirm your Endpoint Application Control server settings.
  3. On the Agent Management screen, select endpoints by using the Endpoint Application Control agent tree.

    For example, click an OfficeScan Workgroup on the left navigation bar, then select specific endpoints from the list that appears on the right.

  4. Click Tasks > Install Agent to install the Endpoint Application Control agent to the selected endpoints.

    A confirmation message appears.

  5. Go to the Logs screen to wait for tasks to complete.

    The following changes indicate that installation completed successfully:

    • On the Logs screen, the status of each endpoint changes to Deployed.

    • On the endpoint, the Endpoint Application Control icon appears in the system tray.

      Figure 1. The System Tray Icon