Updates Screen

Trend Micro recommends keeping components up-to-date to more effectively control application usage.

Go to Updates to do the following tasks:



Manually update components.


If updates become available, Update Now appears in the Last Available column.

Under Last Available, click Update Now beside the component.

Display settings for component update frequency and start time.

Under Automatic Update Schedule, click beside the component.

Hide settings for each component.

Under Automatic Update Schedule, click beside the component.

Configure retry interval and frequency for component downloads.

Under Component Download Source, specify settings.

Configure proxy settings for component downloads.


Settings on this screen are identical to the proxy settings displayed if you go to Administration > Proxy Settings. See Proxy Settings Screen.

Click Proxy Settings.

The Proxy Settings for Server Communication and Updates screen appears.

About Components and Updates

Endpoint Application Control components can be updated separately from each other, either manually or automatically.

Table 1. Components and Default Update Settings



Automatic Update Schedule

Automatic Updates

TMEAC Agent Setup x86

Agent installer for 32-bit Windows versions

Every 1 week


TMEAC Agent Setup x64

Agent installer for 64-bit Windows versions

Every 1 week


Certified Safe Software

List of applications considered to be safe by Trend Micro

See Integration with Trend Micro Products and Services.

Every 3 hours


Server UI & Dashboard Widgets

Elements and messages used by the web console

Every 1 day


Widget framework components used on the Dashboard