Add or Edit Policy Screen

Start adding or editing a policy to do the following tasks:



Name policy.

Under Name, type a name.

Assign policy.

Under Users and Endpoints, use the dynamic search to specify criteria to match.

Figure 1. Dynamic Search

The policy deploys to any matched users and endpoints. After the policy is created, matches update based on changes to the database of users and endpoints.

See Using Dynamic Search.

Display list of matching users and endpoints.

Click Show Matches.

Hide list of matching users and endpoints.

Click Hide Matches.

Configure policy settings.

Expand and then configure the following policy settings:

  • Expand Rules to assign or remove rules from the policy and to fine-tune block and lockdown rule behaviors.

    See Policy Rules.

  • Expand Logging to configure what data is logged, and how often, by endpoints matching the policy.

    See Policy Logging.

  • Expand Server Connection to specify the Endpoint Application Control server that endpoints matching the policy should use.

    See Policy Server Connection.

  • Expand Deployment to configure policy update and deployment intervals and conditions.

    See Policy Deployment.

  • Expand User experience to configure system tray icons, notifications, and inventory collection times.

    See Policy User Experience.