Creating VDI Master Templates

You can create VDI master images to quickly install all required business application and the Endpoint Application Control agent on virtual desktops.

  1. On the target virtual machine, install the required Windows operating system.
  2. Install all business applications permitted to execute on the virtual machines.
  3. Install the Endpoint Application Control agent.
  4. Open a command line editor (cmd.exe) and execute one of the following commands to ensure each instance of the virtual machine generates a new universal unique identifier (UUID):
    • AcAgentSetup_x86.exe ServerHost=http://<Endpoint_Application_Control_server_IP_address>:8080 uuidgen=yes reinstall=all reinstallmode=vmous

    • AcAgentSetup_x86.exe ServerHost=https://<Endpoint_Application_Control_server_FQDN>:4343 uuidgen=yes reinstall=all reinstallmode=vmous

  5. Shut down the Windows operating system on the virtual machine.
  6. Create an image of the virtual machine.

    Whenever you create a new instance of the master image, the virtual machine creates a new UUID for the machine when the operating system starts for the first time.