Uninstalling and Reinstalling

To uninstall and then reinstall on a new server endpoint, do the following:

  1. Install Endpoint Application Control server on the new server endpoint.

    See Server Installation.

  2. Back up your old server and agent data.

    See Backing up your Server.

    Agent data on the server endpoint is the latest version cached by the server. To ensure an optimal backup, verify that agent connections are up-to-date.

    See Backing up Agents.

  3. If you are reinstalling on a new server endpoint, disconnect your old server endpoint from the network.
  4. Restore your old server and agent data.

    See Restoring your Server and Agents.

  5. Connect the restored server to your deployed agents.

    To learn about connecting agents to a server, see About Orphaned Agents.

  6. If you reinstalled to a new server endpoint, uninstall Endpoint Application Control server from the old server endpoint.

    See Server Uninstallation.