Policy Deployment

Expand Deployment to configure the following policy settings for matched users and endpoints:

Policy Setting


Send policy updates every

Endpoint Application Control updates policies on endpoints on a regular interval.

Select the policy update time interval.

The default setting is 15 minutes. The suggested interval depends on the number of deployed agents.

See Server Requirements.

Deploy the full policy in the following conditions


Selecting these options may substantially increase network data transfers.

By default, to reduce network data transfers and local storage needs, deployed policies only include matched applications already detected in an endpoint's inventory. At each policy deployment interval, Endpoint Application Control includes any newly added applications on the endpoint that match rules in the deployed policy.

You can optionally deploy the "full policy", which includes all matched applications and disregards endpoint inventory matching.

See About Policy Deployment.

You may want to deploy the full policy as in the following conditions:

  • Select Endpoint connects for fewer than and specify a number of hours per week if matched endpoints do not regularly connect to the server.

  • Select Endpoint starts applying lockdown rules if matched endpoints should be allowed to install and run any applications specified in Allow rules after applying lockdown rules.