Adding a Directory for the Endpoint Application Control Entity in Control Manager

To use the policy management features of Control Manager, your Endpoint Application Control server entity must be moved to a directory. To move your entity to a new directory, do the following:

  1. In Control Manager, go to Directories > Products.
  2. Click Directory Management.

    The Directory Management screen appears.

  3. Click Local Folder and then click Add Folder to add a directory to hold your Endpoint Application Control entity.
  4. Type a Directory name.

    For example, type TMEAC.

  5. Click Save and then click OK to add the directory.

    The directory appears in your Local Folder directory.

  6. Drag your Endpoint Application Control entity from the New Entity directory to the directory you just added and then click OK.

    The entity appears in the directory you just added.

  7. Click Back to return to the Product Directory screen.

    The directory you just added appears in the list.


    Endpoint Application Control entities do not display their connection status on the Control Manager Product Directory screen. To view the status of Endpoint Application Control servers, use the Product Connection Status widget.

    See Checking Server Status in Control Manager.