Policy Server Connection

Expand Server connection to configure the following policy settings for matched users and endpoints:

Policy Setting


Connect to the following server


Use this option to redirect agents after moving the Endpoint Application Control server to a new address.

Your network may include more than one Endpoint Application Control server or a server may have moved to a new IP address.

Specify the server that the endpoint should connect to after this policy is applied.

  • Select Default to use the same server as the one hosting the web console. This is the default setting for a new policy.

  • Select Specified and then type the server address and port to specify a server.


By default, Endpoint Application Control uses the HTTP or HTTPS configuration selected during server installation.

See Web Server Screen.

Select Use HTTPS to permanently set all matched users or endpoints to use HTTPS.


Using this option requires you to import the server CA to agent endpoints. See TLS/SSL Considerations.