Web Console Screens and Tasks

The menu across the top of the web console helps you perform the following tasks:

Menu Item

Example Tasks

See Managing Favorites.

Add the current screen to your web console favorites.

Go to an added favorite screen.


See Dashboard Screen.

Monitor the server and agents using customizable widgets.



Users and Endpoints

See Users and Endpoints Screen.

Monitor users and endpoints.

Enable or disable Endpoint Application Control agents.

Export user and endpoint information.


See Rules Screen.

Add, edit, or delete rules (rules control applications).

Import or export rules.


See Policies Screen.

Add, edit, or delete policies (policies apply sets of rules to users and endpoints).

Import or export policies.


See About Logs and Log Types.



See Query Logs Screen.

Monitor server and agent activity logs.

Query for specific logs and log types.

View a histogram of log volume.

Export logs.


See Log Maintenance Screen.

Select when to purge logs.

Manage diagnostic logging.


See Updates Screen.

Update components manually or set automatic update schedules.



Proxy Settings

See Proxy Settings Screen.

Configure proxy settings.

Server Settings

See Server Settings Screen.

Configure Active Directory settings.

Set the web console timeout.

Web Console Accounts

See Web Console Accounts Screen.

Add, edit, enable, disable, or delete web console accounts.

License Information

See License Information Screen.

Monitor your license information.

Specify or update your Activation Code.