Look Up IP Addresses

If you suspect that your IP address is being blocked by Email Reputation Services, please look up the full IP address and determine which database it is listed in.


This lookup tool is based on IP addresses and does not use host or domain names.

To look up an IP address:

  1. Open the following URL:


  2. Go to IP Reputation > Lookup.
  3. Type the IP address.
  4. Click Check.

    Depending on the results, you can do one of the following:

    • If the IP address is not in one of the Email Reputation Services databases, the IP address comes from a reputable source. You can ask Trend Micro to add this IP address to the Global Approved List (refer to Global Approved List).

    • If it is unlisted but you think the IP address sends spam and you doubt the integrity of the IP address, you can block the IP address from your network (refer to Blocked Lists).

    • If it is listed, you can request to temporarily remove it from the Global Blocked List.