Global Spam Threats

You can see two kinds of statistics from this tab:

  • Global Spam Threat statistics, by country

    The darker the color, the higher the spam rate of a country. Trend Micro computes the spam rate from the email messages that pass through its network, and the spam blocked by Email Reputation Services.

    To view more information, you can:

    • Mouse-over a given country and a balloon icon will appear showing the current statistics.

    • Use the left-side slider to zoom in or out of the map for a closer look.

    • Click the Home icon to revert to the original size.

    • Click and drag to reposition the map or the chart information.

  • A visual chart of spam data

    The Spam index shows the current spam trends derived from monitoring the volume of spam sent to Email Reputation servers all over the world.

    You can filter the spam trends by clicking Week, Month, or Year.