Advanced Service

This service identifies and stops sources of spam while they are in the process of sending millions of messages.

This is a dynamic, real-time anti-spam solution. To provide this service, the Trend Micro network of automated expert systems along with Trend Micro spam experts continuously monitor network and traffic patterns and immediately update the dynamic reputation database as new spam sources emerge, often within minutes of the first sign of spam. As evidence of spam activity increases or decreases, the dynamic reputation database is updated accordingly.

Like Standard, Advanced Service makes a DNS query to the standard reputation database and the dynamic reputation database (a database updated dynamically in real time). These databases have distinct entries, allowing Trend Micro to maintain an efficient and effective database that can quickly respond to highly dynamic sources of spam.

Email Reputation Services Advanced Service has blocked more than 80% of total incoming connections in customer networks. Results will vary depending on how much of your incoming email stream is spam. The more spam you receive, the higher the percentage of blocked connections you will see.