If your ISP address has been blocked but you are not the administrator of the IP address(es) in any of the Email Reputation Services lists, contact your ISP to resolve the problem. Trend Micro Email Reputation Services cannot resolve issues regarding any of the blocked lists with end-users or those who are not directly responsible for the particular network on the blocked lists.

If you are the ISP provider and your IP address, or your subscriber’s IP address has been blocked, refer to Step 3: Send a Removal Request.


Trend Micro will only remove IP addresses at the request of the valid owner of the IP space.

There are several reasons why an IP address may need to be removed from the blocked lists:

  • Network reorganization

    If an ISP, especially a smaller one with a single or more Class C networks to its name, reorganizes its IP address pool so its fixed servers and dial-ups change places.

  • Network inheritance

    If you inherited an address pool that had previously been or are still being blocked.

  • Listing error

    Because IP addresses are dynamic, some IP addresses might have been added to the blocked lists incorrectly.

But why is your address being blocked? Here are some reasons why.

  • If your IP address is in the DUL list and:

    • If you use a standard mail client, it is probably because your mail program is set to use a mail server other than the one your current ISP provided you.

    • If you use a mail (SMTP) server on your own computer, or you share your Internet connection with several other people on a local network with a proxy server, it is probably because your recipients cannot tell the difference between your legitimate mail delivery and a spammer's trespassing on their equipment.

  • If your IP address is in the Known Spam Source List, your IP address may be getting blocked because the IP address:

    • May be a known spam source

    • May supports a service that sends spam

    • May use multi-hop open relay

    • May be using a compromised host

  • If your IP address is in the QIL list, there might be some unauthorized activities happening on your computer or server. This might mean that your computer has been hacked or compromised.