Viewing Quarantined Messages for Distribution Lists

You can view the list of quarantined email messages that Deep Discovery Email Inspector considers as spam/graymail for the email distribution lists that you belong to.

Click the Distribution List Quarantine tab.

The following table describes the fields.

Table 1.




View the sending email address of the detected message.


View the detected message recipient email address.

Email Subject

View the email subject of the suspicious email message.


View the date and time that the suspicious email message was detected.

You can perform one of the following actions to manage quarantined messages:

  • Query: Click to filter messages based on the specified LDAP group name.

  • Release: Select one or more messages and click Release to release the selected messages.


    When you release a message for a distribution list, the message is sent to all recipients in the distribution list.

  • Delete: Select one or more messages and click Delete to remove the selected message from the quarantine folder.

  • Deep Discovery Email Inspector sends a released message directly to the intended recipient without reprocessing the message.

  • The availability of the message release action depends on the administrative settings. Contact your network administrator for more information.

  • After deleting a message, you cannot recover the message.