Configuring the Approved Senders List

You can configure the Approved Senders list on the End-User Quarantine console to reduce false-positives for spam detections.

  • If your adminstrator allows you to release quarantined messages, Deep Discovery Email Inspector delivers released email messages from approved senders without scanning. If the message release feature is not enabled, Deep Discovery Email Inspector scans email messages from all senders before delivery. Contact your network administrator for more information.

  • The Approved Senders list has priority over the Blocked Senders list. If a sender IP address is in both the Blocked Senders list and the Approved Senders list, Deep Discovery Email Inspector does not block messages from the sender.

  1. Click the Approved Senders tab.
  2. To add an entry to the list, type an email address in the text field and click Add.

    You can click Delete to remove a selected entry from the list.

  3. Click Save.