Content Filtering Rules

Content filtering rules allow you to evaluate and control the delivery of email message on the basis of the message content and attachments. Deep Discovery Email Inspector uses content filtering rules to monitor inbound and outbound messages to check for messages with potentially malicious attachments or the existence of harassing, offensive, or otherwise objectionable message content.

When Deep Discovery Email Inspector detects a message that matches a scanning condition defined in a content filtering rule, Deep Discovery Email Inspector takes action on the message to prevent undesirable content from being delivered to Microsoft Exchange clients.

You can view the list of content filtering rules on the Content Filtering Rules screen. The following table describes the rule information.

Table 1.



Rule Name

View the descriptive name for the rule.

Click a rule name to edit the rule settings.


View one or more actions to apply when the rule conditions are matched.

Associated Policies

View the number of policies that include the rule.

Last Updated

View the date and time the entry was last updated.