Antispam Rules

Deep Discovery Email Inspector uses antispam rules to scan messages identified as spam or graymail.

For more information, see Spam Scanning and Graymail Scanning.

  • To maximize spam protection, configure Deep Discovery Email Inspector to use Email Reputation Services (ERS) technology.

    For more information, see Enabling Email Reputation Services.

  • You can configure graymail exceptions to bypass graymail scanning for messages from trusted IP addresses.

    For more information, see Graymail Exceptions

The following table describes the fields on the Antispam Rules screen.

Table 1.



Rule Name

View the descriptive name for the rule.

Click a rule name to edit the rule settings.


View one or more actions to apply when the rule conditions are matched.

Associated Policies

View the number of policies that include the rule.

Last Updated

View the date and time the entry was last updated.