Customizing the Redirect Pages

When using built-in redirect pages, ensure that the message recipients can open the redirect pages. If the redirect pages cannot be opened, check your network configuration or use external redirect pages.

  1. Go to Policies > Policy Objects > Redirect Pages.
  2. Select whether to use external or built-in redirect pages.
    • Use external redirect pages: Type the page URL of the Blocking page to use

    • Use built-in redirect pages: Select to show the Warning page or Blocking page.

      Do the following to edit the redirect page:

      • Select Use host name in link. Configure the host name to enable this setting..


        Trend Micro recommends enabling this setting to prevent users from accidentally visiting the malicious website.

        • Click host name to redirect to the System Settings screen where you can view or change the Host name setting under Host Name / Gateway / DNS.


          Save any changes before navigating away from the Policy screen.

      • Click the Replace image () icon to browse and select an image file.


        Images cannot be bigger than 500x60 pixels and must be in GIF, JPEG, or PNG format.

      • Click the Edit () icon to open the field for editing.

      • Click the Enable hyperlink to open the Administrator Contact Information fields for editing.

  3. Click Save.