Message Queue Logs

When Deep Discovery Email Inspector receives an email message, the message is stored in one of the following message queues:

  • Incoming: Stores email messages waiting to be processed and delivered

  • Active: Stores email messages that Deep Discovery Email Inspector has opened for processing

  • Deferred: Stores email messages that Deep Discovery Email Inspector cannot deliver after processing

You can view the message queue logs to determine when a message was added to a message queue and perform actions (deliver, reroute, or delete) on selected messages.

The following table describes the information on the Message Queue Logs screen.

Table 1.




View the time the message was received


View the message queue type

Message ID

View the unique ID for the email message


View the sender email address


View the email address of the message recipient


View the message subject

Size (Bytes)

View the message size in bytes

Archive/MTA Server

View the address of the archive server or MTA server to which Deep Discovery Email Inspector sends the message

Message Type

View the message type

Last Delivery Status

View the status of the last delivery action performed