Querying Email Submission Logs

  1. Go to Logs > Email Submission.
  2. Specify the search criteria.



    Risk level

    Select All or the email message risk level.


    Select a predefined time range or specify a custom range.

    Message ID

    Specify the unique message ID.

    Example: 20160603021433.F0304120A7A@example.com

    Email header (From)

    Specify the author email address in the email header.

    Submitter name

    Specify the user account name.


    Specify the email message subject.

    Email header (To)

    Specify a primary recipient email address in the email header.


    Specify a recipient email address. Only one address is allowed.

  3. Click Query.

    Logs matching the search criteria appear in the table. The query results include received timestamp, message ID, submitter, subject, risk level, links to view detailed detection information (if available), and analysis completion time.


    You can clear the search criteria by clicking Clear.