Threat Type Classifications

The following table explains the threat types detected during scanning or analysis. View the table to understand the malicious activity affecting your network.

Table 1. Email Message Threat Types

Threat Type


Targeted malware

Malware made to look like they come from someone a user expects to receive email messages from, possibly a boss or colleague


Malicious software used by attackers to disrupt, control, steal, cause data loss, spy upon, or gain unauthorized access to computer systems

Malicious URL

A hyperlink embedded in an email message that links to a known malicious web site

Suspicious File

A file that exhibits malicious characteristics


Always handle suspicious files with caution.

Suspicious URL

A hyperlink embedded in an email message that links to an unknown malicious website


Email messages that seek to fool users into divulging private information by redirecting users to legitimate-looking web sites


Unsolicited spam email messages, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple individuals

Graymail refers to solicited bulk email messages that are not spam

Content violation

Content that you deem inappropriate, such as personal communication or large attachments

DLP incident

Transmission of email messages containing your organization's digital assets