Widget Tasks

All widgets follow a widget framework and offer similar task options.

Table 1. Widget Options Menu



Access widget options

Click the options icon () at the widget's top-right corner to view the menu options.

Edit a widget

Click the edit icon () to change settings.

Refresh widget data

Click the refresh icon () to refresh widget data.

Click the refresh settings icon () to set the frequency that the widget refreshes or to automatically refresh widget data.

Get help

Click the question mark icon () to get help. The online help appears explaining how to use the widget.

Delete a widget

Click the delete icon () to close the widget. This action removes the widget from the tab that contains it, but not from any other tabs that contain it or from the widget list in the Add Widgets screen.

Move a widget within the same tab

Use drag-and-drop to move the widget to a different location within the tab.

Move a widget to a different tab

Use drag-and-drop to move the widget to the tab title. An option appears to either copy or move the widget to the destination tab location.

Resize a widget

Point the cursor to the widget's right edge to resize a widget. When you see a thick vertical line and an arrow (as shown in the following image), hold and then move the cursor to the left or right.

You can resize any widget within a multi-column tab (red squares). These tabs have any of the following layouts.

Change period

If available, click the Period drop-down menu to select the time period.