Configuring Network Settings

Perform initial network configurations with the Command Line Interface (CLI). Use the management console to make changes to the network interface settings.

  1. Go to Administration > System Settings > Network.
  2. Specify the host name.
  3. Specify the network settings.



    IP address and Subnet mask / prefix length

    Specify the network interface IP settings for the management network, custom network, and mail network.

    • Management network: The management network handles the management console, SSH connections, and Trend Micro updates. Mail traffic can pass through the management network and by default it is the only network that routes mail. Use only the management port (eth0).

    • Custom network: The custom network handles sandbox analysis. This network should be an isolated network without connection restrictions so that malicious samples do not affect other networks. Use any available network interface (eth1, eth2, or eth3) that is not configured for the mail network.

    • Mail network: The mail network handles mail routing and monitoring. Use a network interface that is not configured for the custom network.

      • (Optional) For BCC or MTA mode, use any available network interface (eth1, eth2, or eth3).

      • For SPAN/TAP mode, use the eth2 or eth3 network interface.


      For information on operation mode configuration, see Operation Modes.

    Gateway / DNS

    Specify the general network settings that affect all interfaces, including the gateway and DNS settings.

  4. Click Save.