Configuring Proxy Settings

Configuring proxy settings affects:

  • Certified Safe Software Service

  • Community File Reputation

  • Component updates (pattern files and scan engines)

  • Product license registration

  • Script Analyzer Engine

  • Web Reputation queries

  • Web Inspection Service

  • Time-of-Click protection

  • Predictive Machine Learning Engine

  1. Go to Administration > System Settings > Proxy.

    The Proxy screen appears.

  2. Specify the proxy server settings.



    Check box

    Select Use a proxy server to connect to the Internet.


    Select the proxy protocol:

    • HTTP

    • SOCKS4

    • SOCKS5

    Server address

    Specify the proxy server host name or IP address.


    Specify the port that the proxy server uses to connect to the Internet.

    User name

    Optional: Specify the user name for administrative access to the proxy server.


    Optional: Specify the corresponding password.

  3. Click Save.