Enabling Email Reputation Services

Deep Discovery Email Inspector uses Email Reputation Services (ERS) technology to maximize spam protection. ERS technology allows Deep Discovery Email Inspector to determine spam based on the reputation of the originating Mail Transfer Agent (MTA). With ERS enabled, all inbound SMTP traffic is checked by the IP databases to see whether the originating IP address is clean or it has been blocked as a known spam vector.


For Email Reputation Services to function properly, all address translation on inbound SMTP traffic must occur after traffic passes through Deep Discovery Email Inspector. If NAT or PAT takes place before the inbound SMTP traffic reaches Deep Discovery Email Inspector, Deep Discovery Email Inspector always treats the local address as the originating MTA. ERS only blocks connections from suspect MTA public IP addresses, not private or local addresses.

  1. Go to Administration > Sender Filtering/Authentication > Email Reputation.
  2. Select Enable Email Reputation Services.
  3. Visit the Email reputation management console at https://ers.trendmicro.com/ to access global spam information, view statistics, manage Email reputation settings, and perform service settings.