DKIM Signatures

You can configure Deep Discovery Email Inspector to add a digital signature to outgoing message headers to prevent spoofing. Recipients can verify that the email messages from a specific domain are authorized by the domain's administrator and that the messages, including attachments, have not been modified during transport.


If you configure Deep Discovery Email Inspector to sign an incoming message that already contains digital signatures from other email services (for example, Gmail) or MTAs, Deep Discovery Email Inspector removes all existing signatures from the message before adding the new signature and sending the message.

On the management console, you can add or delete DKIM signatures and import or export DKIM signature files.

The following table describes the tasks that you can perform on the DKIM Signatures screen.

Table 1.



Add a DKIM signature

Configure DKIM signature settings to sign outgoing messages from a domain.

For more information, see Configuring a DKIM Signature.

Edit a DKIM signature

Click a domain to edit the settings.

Delete a DKIM signature

Select an entry and click Delete to remove it from the list.

Import a list of DKIM signatures

You can import a list of DKIM signatures from another Deep Discovery Email Inspector appliance.

For more information, see Importing DKIM Signatures.

Export the list of DKIM signatures

Click Export to save the list of DKIM signatures to a file.

You can use the exported file to replicate the same settings across multiple Deep Discovery Email Inspector appliances on your network.