Configuring DMARC Settings

Use the DMARC screen to configure DMARC settings for certain domains and specify the actions based on the DMARC authentication results.

  1. Go to Administration > Sender Filtering/Authentication > DMARC.
  2. Select Enable Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC).
  3. To add verification result into the message header, select Insert X-Header into email messages.
  4. (Optional) Select Send daily reports to senders and configure the following settings to send aggregated reports of unsuccessful authentications to the senders on a daily basis.
    Table 1.



    Organization name

    Type the name or domain of the sending organization.

    Email address

    Type the email address that Deep Discovery Email Inspector uses to send the reports.

    Contact information

    Type the contact information (for example, phone number or URL).

  5. Specify the sender domains to verify. Select All to check messages from all sender domains; otherwise, select Specify sender domainsand complete the following steps to add sender domains to the verification list.
    1. Type a domain (with or without wildcard). For example, or *
    2. Click Add.

    To remove a sender domain from the list, select the entry and click Delete.

  6. Specify the action to perform based on the verification result.
    • Bypass: Select this option to allow Deep Discovery Email Inspector to continue processing of the message.

    • Block temporarily: Select this option to temporarily block the message. The sender can send the same message to Deep Discovery Email Inspector to perform the verification again.

    • Block permanently: Select this option to permanently block the message. When a new message is received from the sender, Deep Discovery Email Inspector performs the verification again.

  7. Click Save.