Configuring Smart Protection Settings

  1. Go to Administration > Scanning / Analysis > Other Settings > Smart Protection.
  2. Select Connect to Smart Protection Server for Web Reputation Services.
  3. Configure the Smart Protection Server.
    1. Specify the Smart Protection Server IP address or fully qualified domain name.

      Obtain the IP address by going to Smart Protection > Reputation Services > Web Reputation on the Smart Protection Server console.

      The IP address forms part of the URL listed on the screen.

    2. Select Connect using a proxy server if proxy settings for Deep Discovery Email Inspector have been configured for use with Smart Protection Server connections.

      If proxy settings are disabled, Smart Protection Server will connect to Deep Discovery Email Inspector directly.

    3. Specify the port number.
  4. Click Test Connection to verify that specified Smart Protection Server can connect to global services.

    Deep Discovery Email Inspector supports global services when connecting to Smart Protection Server version 3.0 Patch 2 or later.

  5. (Optional) Select Connect to global services using Smart Protection Server to configure Deep Discovery Email Inspector to query global Smart Protection services.
    • If your organization uses a CA certificate, select Use certificate and click Browse to select the certificate file; then, click Import to import the certificate file.

      • If your organization uses a Certificate Revocation List (CRL), select Use CRL and click Browse to select the CRL file; then, click Import to import the Certificate Revocation List file.

  6. Click Save.