Upgrading Firmware

From time to time, Trend Micro releases a new firmware version for a reported known issue or an upgrade that applies to the product. Find available firmware versions at http://downloadcenter.trendmicro.com.

Updating the firmware ensures that Deep Discovery Email Inspector has access to new and improved security features when they become available.

You can upgrade the firmware on Deep Discovery Email Inspector using one of the following methods:

  • The Deep Discovery Email Inspector management console

  • Plan deployment from Deep Discovery Director. For more information, see the Deep Discovery Director documentation.


Ensure that you have finished all management console tasks before proceeding. The upgrade process may take some time to complete, and upgrading from Deep Discovery Email Inspector 3.5, 3.2, or 3.1 to Deep Discovery Email Inspector 3.6 may take an hour or more. Trend Micro recommends starting the upgrade during off-peak office hours. Installing the update restarts Deep Discovery Email Inspector.

  1. Back up configuration settings.

    Backing Up or Restoring a Configuration

  2. Obtain the firmware image.
    • Download the Deep Discovery Email Inspector firmware image from the Trend Micro Download Center at:


    • Obtain the firmware package from your Trend Micro reseller or support provider.

  3. Save the image to any folder on a computer.
  4. Go to Administration > Product Updates > Firmware.
  5. Next to Software version, verify your firmware version.
  6. Browse for the firmware update package.
  7. Click Install.

    You can access the command line interface to view the installation process.

    After the installation is complete, Deep Discovery Email Inspector automatically restarts and the command line interface appears.

  8. Perform the following post-installation steps:
    • Clear the browser cache.
    • Manually log onto the web console.
    • If Deep Discovery Email Inspector is using an internal Virtual Analyzer that connects to the Internet through a proxy server, reconfigure the proxy settings for the internal Virtual Analyzer.