Managing Patches

From time to time, Trend Micro releases a new firmware version for a reported known issue or an upgrade that applies to the product. Find available firmware versions at

You can install a patch file on Trend Micro using one of the following methods:

  • The Deep Discovery Email Inspector management console

  • Plan deployment from Deep Discovery Director. For more information, see the Deep Discovery Director documentation.

  1. Go to Administration > Product Updates > Hotfixes / Patches.
  2. Under History, verify the software version number.
  3. Manage the product patch.
    • Upload a patch by browsing to the patch file provided by Trend Micro Support and then clicking Install under Install Hotfix / Patch.

    • Roll back a patch by clicking Roll Back under History. After rollback, Deep Discovery Email Inspector uses the most recent previous configuration. For example, rolling back patch 3 returns Deep Discovery Email Inspector to a patch 2 state.