Configuring Microsoft Active Directory Settings

  1. Obtain the information required to configure Microsoft Active Directory integration from the server administrator.
  2. Go to Administration > Integrated Products/Services > Microsoft Active Directory.
  3. Select Use Active Directory server.
  4. Select the server type that is integrating.
    • Microsoft Active Directory

    • Microsoft AD Global Catalog

  5. Configure the settings for the primary Active Directory server.
    1. Type the server address.
    2. Select the encryption method.
      • SSL

      • STARTTLS

    3. Type the port number.

      Trend Micro recommends using the following default ports:

      • For Microsoft Active Directory:

        • SSL: 636

        • STARTTLS: 389

      • For Microsoft AD Global Catalog:

        • SSL: 3269

        • STARTTLS: 3268

  6. (Optional) To use a secondary Active Directory server, select Enable secondary Active Directory server and configure the server settings.
  7. Type the base distinguished name.
  8. Select an Email Address Attribute option to apply policy settings based on the address information.
  9. Type the user name.
  10. Type the password.
  11. (Optional) Click Test Connection to verify that a connection to the Microsoft Active Directory server can be established using the specified information.
  12. (Optional) If your organization uses a CA certificate, select Use CA certificate and click Select to locate the CA certificate file.
  13. Click Save.