Log Settings

Deep Discovery Email Inspector maintains system logs that provide summaries of system events, including component updates and appliance restarts. Go to Administration > Integrated Products/Services > Syslog to configure Deep Discovery Email Inspector to send logs to a syslog server.

Deep Discovery Email Inspector can send logs to up to three syslog servers after saving the logs to its database. Only logs saved after enabling a syslog server will be sent to that server. Previous logs are excluded.

The following table describes the tasks you can perform on the Log Settings screen.

Table 1.



Add server profile

Click Add to Create a new syslog server profile.

For more information, see Adding a Syslog Server.

Edit existing server profiles

Click a server profile name to view or modify the settings.

For more information, see Editing Syslog Server Profiles.

Delete existing server profiles

Select one or more server profiles and click Delete to remove the selected entries from the table.