Configuring Trend Micro TippingPoint Security Management System (SMS)

  1. On the Deep Discovery Email Inspector management console, go to Administration > Integrated Products/Services > Auxiliary Products/Services.
  2. Select Trend Micro TippingPoint Security Management System (SMS).
  3. Under Object Distribution, select Enable.
  4. Under Server Settings, provide the following information:
    • Server name


      The server name must be the FQDN or IPv4 address of the auxiliary product.

    • User name: Existing authentication credential

    • Password: Existing authentication credential

    Table 1. Valid Character Sets

    User name


    Minimum length

    1 character

    1 character

    Maximum length

    15 characters

    15 characters

  5. (Optional) Click Test Connection.
  6. To send object information from Deep Discovery Email Inspector to this product/service, configure the following criteria:
    • Object type:

      • Suspicious Object

        • IPv4 address

        • Domain


        You must select at least one object.

    • Risk level:

      • High only

      • High and medium

      • High, medium, and low

  7. Click Save.

    The following table displays the mappings between the data columns in Deep Discovery Email Inspector and the tag categories in the TippingPoint reputation database.

    Table 2. Tag categories added to the reputation database


    Tag Category

    Product Name

    Trend Micro Publisher

    Appliance Host Name

    Trend Micro Source

    Object Type

    Trend Micro Detection Category

    Risk Level

    Trend Micro Severity

  8. (Optional) To view distributed suspicious objects in Trend Micro TippingPoint SMS, do the following:
    1. On the Profile tab, go to Reputation Database > Search.
    2. On the Entry Criteria screen, type search parameters and then click Search.

    Suspicious objects distributed by Deep Discovery Email Inspector are displayed.