Configuring Palo Alto Panorama and Firewalls

  1. On the Deep Discovery Email Inspector management console, go to Administration > Integrated Products/Services > Auxiliary Products/Services.
  2. Select Palo Alto Panorama or Firewalls.
  3. Under Object Distribution, select Enable.
  4. Under Server Settings, provide the following information:
    • Server name


      The server name must be the FQDN or IPv4 address of the auxiliary product.

    • Server type

    • User name: Existing authentication credential

    • Password: Existing authentication credential

    Table 1. Valid Character Sets

    User name


    Minimum length

    1 character

    1 character

    Maximum length

    15 characters

    15 characters

  5. (Optional) Click Test Connection.
  6. To send object information from Deep Discovery Email Inspector to this product/service, configure the following criteria:
    • Object type:

      • Suspicious Object

        • URL

        • IPv4 address

        • Domain


        You must select at least one object.

    • Risk level:

      • High only

      • High and medium

      • High, medium, and low

  7. (Optional) Under Advanced Settings, customize URL category names:

    URL category names must include a minimum of one character and a maximum of 31 characters, and may include the following characters:

    • Uppercase (A-Z)

    • Lowercase (a-z)

    • Numeric (0-9)

    • Special characters: - _

    • Space

  8. Click Save.
  9. (Optional) To view suspicious objects sent by Deep Discovery Email Inspector on the Palo Alto product console, go to Objects > Custom URL Category (or Objects > Custom Objects > URL Category).

    Suspicious objects distributed by Deep Discovery Email Inspector are displayed.