Registering to Deep Discovery Director

The following procedure is for registering to Deep Discovery Director. If you have already registered and want to change the connection settings, you must first unregister.

  1. Go to Administration > Integrated Products/Services > Deep Discovery Director.
  2. Configure Connection Settings.



    Server address

    Type the server address for Deep Discovery Director.


    Type the server port number for Deep Discovery Director.

    The default port number is 443.

    API key

    Type the API key for Deep Discovery Director.


    You can find this information on the Help screen on the management console of Deep Discovery Director.

  3. (Optional) If you have configured proxy settings for Deep Discovery Email Inspector and want to use these settings for Deep Discovery Director connections, select Connect using a proxy server.

    This setting can be changed after registering to Deep Discovery Director.

    To update this setting without unregistering from Deep Discovery Director, click Update Settings.

  4. Click Register.

    The Status changes to Registered | Connected.


    If the Deep Discovery Director fingerprint changes, the connection is interrupted and the Trust button appears. To restore the connection, verify that the Deep Discovery Director fingerprint is valid and then click Trust.

    After the registration process is complete, the Test Connection button appears. You can click Test Connection to test the connection to Deep Discovery Director.


    Integration with Deep Discovery Director for Virtual Analyzer image deployment requires additional disk space. After registering Deep Discovery Email Inspector to Deep Discovery Director 5.0 (or later), configure Deep Discovery Email Inspector to delete logs when the total free disk space is less than 20%.

    For more information, see Configuring Storage Maintenance.