Deep Discovery Director

Trend Micro Deep Discovery Director is an on-premises management solution that enables centralized deployment of product updates, product upgrades, and Virtual Analyzer images to Deep Discovery products, as well as configuration replication and log aggregation for Deep Discovery products. To accommodate different organizational and infrastructural requirements, Deep Discovery Director provides flexible deployment options such as distributed mode and consolidated mode.

For more information, see the Deep Discovery Director Administrator's Guide.

Deep Discovery Email Inspector supports integration with Deep Discovery Director 5.0 and later versions.

The Deep Discovery Director screen displays the following information:

Table 1. Deep Discovery Director Fields




The following appliance statuses can be displayed:

  • Not registered: The appliance is not registered to Deep Discovery Director.

  • Registering: The appliance is registering to Deep Discovery Director.

  • Registered | Connected: The appliance is registered and connected to Deep Discovery Director.

  • Registered | Unable to connect: The appliance is registered to Deep Discovery Director, but unable to connect. Verify that the Deep Discovery Director network settings are valid.

  • Registered | Untrusted fingerprint: The appliance is registered to Deep Discovery Director, but the connection was interrupted. To restore the connection, trust the new fingerprint.

  • Unregistering: The appliance is unregistering from Deep Discovery Director.

Last connected

The last time this appliance connected to Deep Discovery Director.

Host name

The host name of this appliance.

Server address

The Deep Discovery Director server address.


The Deep Discovery Director port.

API key

The Deep Discovery Director API key.

Fingerprint (SHA-256)

The Deep Discovery Director fingerprint.

Connect using a proxy server

Select to use the system proxy settings to connect to Deep Discovery Director.