Apex Central

Apex Central is a software management solution that gives you the ability to control antivirus and content security programs from a central location, regardless of the program's physical location or platform. This application can simplify the administration of a corporate antivirus and content security policy.


Ensure that both Deep Discovery Email Inspector and the Apex Central server belong to the same network segment. If Deep Discovery Email Inspector is not in the same network segment as Apex Central, configure the port forwarding settings for Deep Discovery Email Inspector.

For details about Apex Central features, see Apex Central Features.

On Deep Discovery Email Inspector, use the Administration > Integrated Products/Services > Apex Central tab to perform the following tasks:

  • Register to an Apex Central server.

    For details, see Registering to Apex Central.

  • Check the connection status between Deep Discovery Email Inspector and Apex Central.

  • Unregister from an Apex Central server.

    For details, see Unregistering from Apex Central.

  • Synchronize suspicious objects with Apex Central.


    If you register Deep Discovery Email Inspector to both Deep Discovery Director 5.0 (or later) and Apex Central, Deep Discovery Email Inspector synchronizes suspicious objects and exception lists from Deep Discovery Director only. You can check the synchronization status on the Deep Discovery Director management console.