Inline Action Links

You can configure Deep Discovery Email Inspector to include inline action links in EUQ digest notifications. Users can click the links in EUQ digest notifications to manage quarantined messages without having to access the EUQ console.

Inline action links allows users to perform the following actions on quarantined messages:

  • Delete: Deletes the message and the associated attachments

  • Release: Releases the message directly from the quarantine.

  • Release and add to Approved Senders list: Releases the message directly from quarantine and adds the sender email address to the Approved Senders list.


If you select the Deliver released messages directly without scanning option on the User Quarantine Access screen, Deep Discovery Email Inspector delivers released messages to recipients without scanning.

For more information, see Configuring User Quarantine Access Settings.


Inline action links remain active in forwarded messages. Inline action links in digest notifications expire and become inaccessible when the time for the next digest notification is reached.