Configuring EUQ Digest Settings

You can configure Deep Discovery Email Inspector to send EUQ digests to notify users of new messages that are detected as spam.

  1. Administration > End-User Quarantine.
  2. Click the EUQ Digest tab.
  3. Select Enable EUQ digest notifications.
  4. From the Notification frequency drop-down list, select the number of hours Deep Discovery Email Inspector waits before sending an EUQ digest notification.
  5. Select Enable inline action to allow users to apply actions from the EUQ digest.
  6. Configure the settings for the digest notification template.




    Type the subject for the notification email message.


    Type the content for the notification email message.

    You can include the following tokens in the message:

    • %USER_NAME%



    • %START_TIME%

    • %END_TIME%

  7. Click Save.