Adding an SMTP Server for EUQ Authentication

On the End-User Quarantine screen, you can add one or more SMTP servers for EUQ authentication.

  1. Go to Administration > End-User Quarantine.

    The End-User Quarantine screen appears.

  2. Select Use SMTP server for EUQ authentication.
  3. Click + Add.

    The Add SMTP Server screen appears.

  4. Configure the SMTP server settings.
    Table 1.




    Type the domain name to use for EUQ console authentication.

    You can use an asterisk character (*) in a domain name.

    Server address

    Type the server IP address or FQDN.


    Type the server port.

    Encryption method

    Select a data encryption method (None, StartTLS, or SSL/TLS) from the drop-down list.

  5. Click Add.