Configuring User Quarantine Access Settings

You can configure Deep Discovery Email Inspector to allow users to access the EUQ console and manage quarantined messages.


When Deep Discovery Email Inspector is registered to Deep Discovery Director 5.0 (or later), Deep Discovery Director provides central management of End-User Quarantine settings. After registration is successful, Deep Discovery Email Inspector performs the following actions:

  1. Go to Administration > End-User Quarantine.
  2. Click the User Quarantine Access tab.
  3. Select Enable EUQ console access.
  4. Select an authentication method.
    • Use Active Directory for EUQ authentication: Select this option to authenticate users based on their Active Directory account credentials for EUQ console access. When you select this option, you can specify the following settings:

      • Select Enable distribution list EUQ management to allow users to manage the EUQ of distribution lists that they belong to.

      • Select Allow only users in selected groups to access the EUQ console to enable EUQ console access for selected Active Directory groups.

        You can type a keyword in the text box and click Query to search for user groups. Click a group name in the Available Groups list to add to theSelected Groups list.


        To remove a group, click the group name in the Selected Groups list.


      Configure Active Directory integration settings before using Active Directory for user authentication.

      For more information, see Configuring Microsoft Active Directory Settings.

    • Use SMTP server for EUQ authentication: Select this option to authenticate users based on their email address account credentials for EUQ console access.

      Click + Add to add an SMTP server.

      For more information, see Adding an SMTP Server for EUQ Authentication.

  5. Under Advanced Settings, configure the following settings:
    • From the Maximum approved senders per user drop-down list, select the maximum number of approved sender email address that users can add on the EUQ console.

    • Select Deliver released messages directly without reprocessing to allow users to release quarantined messages directly to recipients without scanning.


      If you do not select this option, users can still release quarantined messages by clicking inline action links in EUQ digest notifications or on the EUQ console. However, Deep Discovery Email Inspector scans these messages before delivery. Depending on the scanning results, Deep Discovery Email Inspector may quarantine these messages again.

  6. Click Save.

    After you select the Enable EUQ console access option, you can click the URL or send the URL to users to access the EUQ console.

    For more information, see Accessing the End-User Quarantine Console.